Growing the Game the Way It Ought to Be Grown

In 2009, The Fairways Golf Membership was offered for the first time at Mallard Creek Golf Club. We launched this membership for a few reasons. First, we wanted to create something that was unbeatable in value for golfers of all types. Secondly, we felt it was time to do something proactive to grow the game in a meaningful way. Lastly, we felt it was important for us to be accountable rather than relying on third-party marketers and tee-time providers.

It was around the same time that many of these third-party marketers and tee-time providers began to gain a strong grasp in the industry. As a result, courses lowered their prices, sold fewer rounds and money was funneled away from facilities to large companies with little skin in the game. This ripple effect undercut the ability for many courses to be successful.

It is those ideals that led us to creating The Fairways Golf Membership. In doing so, golf once again became accessible to golfers without the necessity of convenience, booking fees and other nonsense. Even better, we were able to be held accountable for all aspects of our membership in that important dollars were not being sent elsewhere, but rather back into the course, clubhouse and more.

Today, The Fairways Golf Membership has grown from a one course offering to include Dragon Ranch, Mallard Creek, Pine Brook and Briarwood. This membership allows golfers of all kinds, from the scratch player to the occasional hacker, to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be. Not only has this membership made golf more accessible, but it has improved overall stability.

We are proud to have created this membership benefitting you, the golfer, while also ensuring stability in quality, service, play and our local economies.

We have created something truly special and unlike anything else in the country. We believe in growing this great game by making it affordable, accessible and fun for everyone. This membership has made a difference in a number of our members’ lives for a bevy of reasons. Just take a look at what our current Fairways Golf Members have to say.

We have created Ohio’s #1 Public Golf Membership and we will continue to grow its offerings and benefits for all Fairways Golf Members.

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