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The Father-Son League at Dragon Ranch is starting its inaugural season and wants you to be a part of it!

This 9-hole league is formatted so that you and your designated family member can play against another 2-man team each week throughout the course of the summer. It’s called the Father-Son League, but we’re totally cool with a Grandfather – Grandson team or even a team of brothers. As long as you are representing your family then your team is in!

Tee times start at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday nights. This league is a great way for you to play competitive golf on a weekly basis. The league is handicap based so players of all skill levels are welcome to join. All of the information regarding the Father-Son League is explained below. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (440) 986-5881 or message us by clicking here.

We will be holding an informational meeting regarding the Father-Son League on Thursday, April 19th at 5:30 p.m. We hope to see you there!

League Fees

$50 per-player  

– OR –  

$100 per-team

Low Ball/High Ball:  All matches will be scored according to the High Ball/Low Ball format. For example two teams play the first hole and Team A scores a 4 and a 6 while Team B shoots a 4 and a 5. Since both teams scored a 4 the low ball scores cancel each other out and no point is awarded for the low ball. Since Team B scored a 5 and Team A scored a 6, Team B is awarded a point for the high ball. Still with us? Let’s play another hole to further explain the format. On hole #2 Team A scores a 3 and a 4. Team B scores a 4 and a 5. Team A is awarded 2 points because their low score of 3 beats Team B’s low score of 4 and their high score of 4 also beats Team B’s high score of 5. The match will continue for the rest of the 9 holes until the winner is determined. The match winners are determined by the most accumulated points throughout the round *Note – If only one player from a team shows up the match will  be 2 vs. 1 with only one point per hole (i.e. there is only a point for low-ball but the team with 2 members can pick the lower of their two scores as the one that counts).

If you plan on missing any particular week please let Josh and your opposing team know. That way we are not waiting for you to arrive. Makeup matches are allowed. Makeups must take place within two weeks of the scheduled playing date (barring the last week of play). If one of the team members does not show up for their match then you will play in a 2 vs 1 match. Only low scores will count.   

  • 1 point is awarded for an outright win
  • /2 point is awarded to both teams in the event of a tie
  • 1 point is awarded to the team who has the overall net winner of the match
  • 1 point is automatically awarded for both team members showing up and playing on Thursday during scheduled league times

***Your team can win a total of 3 points per match if you win the match, you both show up, and you have the low net score***

Please use your first name and last names on all scorecards.  All cards must be turned into the active manager in the clubhouse at the end of each round.  Handicaps will be managed through our league manager software and the maximum handicap a player can have is +18 for 9 holes.

We will crown a Regular Season Champion after all matches are played out. Champion teams will be determined by the most amount of points accumulated during regular season play. We will also give away prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Playoffs will start with a double elimination tournament. Points accumulated over the course of the season will determine seeding for the playoffs. Playoffs will start midway through August and continue until our Champions are crowned. 

Playoff Rules:

All teams are entered into the playoffs. Playoff seeding is based on how your team finished during the regular season. We play in a double elimination playoff format so if your team loses once you are still guaranteed another match in the loser’s bracket. All matches are low ball/high ball format in the playoffs and cannot result in a tie. Ties will be broken by a “chip and putt off” on the putting green. One designated player from each team will take place in the tie breaker. The low net player from the match will find a spot to hit a chip from to a designated hole. You will then putt out from there. The player that has less strokes until the ball is holed will determine the winner.

Skin & Pin games will be voluntary for each golfer. Your name and $5 must be put into the skin box before you go out to play. Shots will be considered valid for the pin shot if you are on the green (not the fringe) and you have signed up for the pin contest. All others will be excluded from skins and pins if money and name is not registered in the clubhouse. The money allotment works as follows: upon entry $2 from each participant will be added to the two pin shot prizes and the remaining $3 dollars will go into any skins prizes.  Skins will only be awarded for scores of par or better (a skin will not be rewarded for bogeys). If there are no skins then money will be split amongst the pin shot winners. If no skins or pins are awarded for that week then the money will be carried over for next week. If no one wins one of the pins shots then the money will be allotted towards the skins game.

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