Don’t Just Take it From Us!

The Best Value Membership Deal Thing in Golf!

I’ve been a Fairways Golf  Member since the inception of the program. Always been able to be fit in for at least nine holes, even if we forgot to get a tee time, due to the flexibility of Mallard Creek having 36 holes, and now the convenience of other courses, such as Pine Brook, in the program. It’s the greatest value in golf in northern Ohio!

Jim Carlton

I really enjoy the Fairways Golf Membership because it makes it so easy to play several courses in the area at an affordable rate. It’s always easy to find a tee time at almost any day or time, even with each of the courses having outings. The Fairways Golf Membership keeps golf fresh, fun and affordable all year long.

Mike Brandyberry

I have been a Fairways Management member the past 6 seasons purchasing the golf pass it has been one of my best investments for golf. I get out at any of the four course at least 3 times a week. It has paid for itself many times over. Besides that, the golf the staff is great and helpful. Plus you can get free lessons every Wednesday night at Mallard Creek Golf Club – they go way above expectations.

Frank Simecek

I have been a member of the Fairways Golf Membership for the last 4 years. I never thought I could ever afford to be a member of a country club, let alone 4 clubs! It’s been a great experience being able to golf as much as I want 7 days a week. Tee times are easy to get and the service is great from the front desk to the cart service on the course. I will continue to be a part of this program as long as I can golf. It’s really a no brainer for the golf lover!

Gary Wiggins

Since I just retired last month, buying a membership was one of the smartest things I have done. I am playing three or four times each week and have already played several times at all four courses. I like the greens and the way they hold the ball. Each course has some unique holes so my friends and I enjoy playing all the different courses. It’s a lot more fun than just playing the same course over and over. The staff at all four courses are very helpful and friendly. Since we have four courses to choose from we have always been able to get the tee time we wanted. It’s a good way for a retired person to be able to afford to play several times a week!

John Gehring

I have been a Fairways Golf Member since the inception of the program and couldn’t be more pleased. The membership has expanded from one course in the initial years to now offering four different courses to play, all at a reasonable price. My primary course is Mallard Creek, but have also played at all the others included in the membership. The Fairways Management team continues to make improvements to the courses themselves, as well as carts, clubhouses and overall amenities. I would highly recommend a Fairways Management membership for the enjoyment and value it provides.

Doug Bennett

My husband and I purchased the Fairways Golf membership for 2015, 2016 and 2017.  We are extremely pleased with the membership program.   We have had the opportunity to golf at 3 of the 4 included courses.  Each course is beautiful, well-maintained and ideal for any skill level. We have looked at memberships at other courses in the area and there is no comparison to the Fairways Golf Membership.

This year, Mallard and Pine Brook offer online tee time bookings at  This is such a great enhancement.  It is so quick and easy to make a tee-time!  Even a caveman can do it!

The staff at all of the courses are top notch!  I cannot say enough about the people.  Everyone always has a smile, is extremely helpful and makes you feel welcome.

Carrie Schroth

They call it “the best value in golf” – and it is. Imagine belonging to a country club with 90 holes, and not having to pay country club fees or having to meet monthly minimums in the clubhouse and restaurant. Then imagine being able to play unlimited golf, being able to book tee times well in advance, and being able to find a place to play a quick nine almost any time you want. Well you don’t need to imagine it. With the Fairways Golf Membership you can make it happen.

I’ve played more golf this year than ever before and the season’s only half over.  Four courses, a variety of terrain and course layouts, and the ability to play any time makes it the best value you can find in golf. If you want to improve your game – or even have a game – the Fairways Golf Membership is the way to go. Forget about buying new clubs. Forget about going to the range.  Get a Fairways Golf Membership and start going to the course!

Kurt Nelson

The Fairways Golf Membership is BY FAR the best golf value in the area!  Not only is the low price a huge bargain, the Membership allows my son and I to choose from FOUR different and varied courses.  These are some of the best-maintained courses we have ever played, and the people that run the courses, from the managers down to the greenskeepers, always go out of their way to be sure we have a great golf experience!   We recommend a Membership to anyone who plays the great game of golf, whether you are a once-a-week duffer or an experienced league player.  You will be glad you did!

Dave Oby

This is my second year purchasing a Fairways Golf Membership, and the value is unbelievable. All of the courses have been fun and challenging, the staff and clubhouses are always friendly and courteous, and all of the courses well maintained. The starters are always aware of tee times and do a great job getting your group to the tee on time. I will be a Fairways Golf Member for as long as the pass is available. Thanks for the awesome deal!

Manfred Kramp

What an outstanding value! I have had the membership now for 5 years and still cannot believe I have an opportunity to play as much golf as I do for the price I pay. I am a retiree who has played golf for 55 years. I take advantage of the membership 3 to 4 days a week, utilizing all the courses in the program. The courses we play are good courses and present all the challenge I need. I play with a group ranging from 6 to 8 players on any given day and seldom have any issue getting a tee time. I like the fact that I can book online.

One of the things that I really like is the way we are treated, particularly at Mallard. These people know what good customer service is all about. They truly appreciate your business. We have said amongst ourselves that it is like being a member at a private club.

If anyone is on the fence about buying this membership, I strongly encourage you to do it. If you play on a regular basis, your cost of golf will be next to nothing.

Tim Meehan

I have been golfing over 50 years now–started as a caddie at Duquesne Golf course near Pittsburgh, Pa. Also, watch as much as I can on TV. Given the choice, the true golfer will be playing, not watching. This is where Fairways Golf Management now leads the way. With 90 holes available, and just $7 per 9 holes, why go anywhere else? One of my fondest memories was playing the November day in a partial snowstorm at Mallard the day I turned 50, and especially because I was playing with friends who I still get together with. Another Mallard memory was winning our league 4 ball tournament with a long putt on hole 36. Note, I also have a home in Myrtle Beach and play extensively when there, but no place in this country can match our deal here, period. Add to that the friendly folks at the counter, at the snack bar, and an always willing to help starter if you just show up, and this membership is hands-down the best deal on the planet. If there is any chance at all, weather-wise to play, you can always count on our 4 courses to be open. I think that says it all! Never change!

Charles Sloan

We are in our fourth year as members of the Fairways Golf Membership. We enjoy the freedom it gives us in getting out to play on our own schedule, and the flexibility of playing any of the four great courses in the package (five courses if you count the Mallard Creek 36-hole layout as two separate courses). Each of the layouts is challenging. We like to play 9 holes whenever we have some time during the week, and we never have a problem getting out! As retired, active seniors, it fits our budget and our lifestyle… we love it!

Jean and Phil Troia